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Since 1961 WARM has manufactured steel radiators for central heating and since the 70’s electric radiators and transformer radiators.
In 1981, it started the production of transformer radiators series W520 with new automatic plants designed and manufactured in-house to complement and renew machinery from the historical Smalterie of Bassano.
In 2012 the first series W520 was replaced by the second series following the complete renovation and further automation of plants.
In 2005, it started the production of wall-mounted aluminum electric radiators.
Since 1997 WARM has adopted a quality management system having the best customer satisfaction as final goal, continuously evolved, assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 in order to maintain the high levels of quality, competence and reliability proven over time.
The main manufacturing processes (stamping, welding, painting) are made internally by specific production facilities highly automated and are kept under constant control by experienced staff in order to ensure high levels of quality and efficiency of product and customer service.

  1. Transformer Radiators W520 according to EN 50216-6 (formerly DIN 42559).
  2. Oil Filled Radiators portable or wall-mounted. CE compliance.
  3. Steel Radiators WARM and DIN 4703 for central heating.
ISO 9001
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