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Steel Radiators WARM3900..

Special Offer in Outlet
WARM 3/900
Product Code: WARM3900..
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Steel radiators with 3 columns H 900 mm elements formed by two half-shells of sheet thickness 1 mm welded in blocks of 3 to 15 elements available in stock unless sold.
Radiator length = No. elements x 45 mm.
Painted with baked white anodic acrylic enamel.
Price on request for radiator powder coated and packed in shrink film.
Threaded connections G 1¼: 2 right-hand opposite to 2 left-hand identified by internal ribbing.
Supplied on request plugs, reducers, nipples, gaskets and support brackets.
Maximum working temperature: 110 °C
Maximum working pressure: 4 bar

Specifications Specifications per element:

Columns 3
Height H 900 mm
Centers I 825 mm
Depth 145 mm
Lenght s 45 mm
Thermal output ∆T 50°C 100 W
Exponent n 1,2745
Water content 1,4 l
Weight 2,5 kg

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